4 years old silver mink bengal girl is now AVAILABLE! 
Price: 500 EUR (PET price - spayed: 150 EUR)

Sumarum Klementinka - 4 years old bengal girl in color: silver mink charcoal, now AVAILABLE as PET (PET price: 150 EUR), possible for breeding (price: 500 EUR, but without any guarantee that she will have kittens). She is not very big, she is shy, but not agressive, she lives with other cats withut problem. Never she was mother, without pyometra (never she was sick)... She has very nice glittered coat, she is spotted/rosetted (very possible not carrier for marble). Mom is Sumarum Monica, dad is Garra De Kato Chocolate Prince. HCM and PKD negative tested in March 2017!